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Content Management Systems

    Content Management Systems are an essential part of the design of a user-friendly business or personal website.

    Content Management Systems are an essential part of the design of a user-friendly business or personal website

    A well-designed Content Management System allows you to have control over the information in the public sphere through instant updates, keeping customers up to date and fresh content.

    Instant Information

    Some years ago, it was enough to have a static website with contact details, company information and opening times for your business. However, in the age of the 24 hour news cycle and social media, it is essential for businesses to have a website that can be updated easily, the kind of control a Content Management System gives you. This allows businesses to respond in real time to events that might affect their business.

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    Part of any company’s online presence will be in social media, but the first place a client will look for up to date, authoritative information is the website. A good Content Management System means this information can be updated without having to go via a web designer.

    Keeping Customers Up to Date

    Content Management Systems come in all forms but the best ones are the simplest. A good system allows the client to update a blog, respond to a news story, or change any other information on the website at a time that suits them. Using a Content Management System means that the client can be in control of the website without having to have any knowledge of coding or building websites. If a company is having trouble with the phone system for example, with a Content Management System, a message could be displayed on the website explaining the situation, and then removed as soon as it is resolved. Keeping content fresh

    A good Content Management System will allow the user to update media items, such as images, as well as the text on the website. It means that a company can keep both the visuals and the text fresh for repeat visitors. Say a company wins an award. Wouldn?t it be great if that company could have some snaps of the company director receiving the award on the website on the night as well as all over social media? This is just the kind of control a Content Management System allows you.

    A user friendly Content Management System gives a business control over the content without the complication involved of going via a third party or requiring knowledge of web design.

    Why choose DECAFY for your ecommerce content management system?

    By using DECAFY, you are guaranteed to have expert, highly technical services for the most complex elements of building an e-commerce site that integrates with your existing systems. This is vital. Today’s e-commerce requirements mean that only the best coding and development and most reliable systems and platforms can be trusted to create robust, secure and reliable sites that will fulfil your customer expectations and help to safeguard your business.

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